Sunday, January 17, 2010

#715. BuNo 152335. 1S513

This one is also in great shape (compared to the rest of them). It was apparently once assigned to VS 38, and appears to have been flown by LCDR J.L. Durbin, Jr. and Lt. DC Allen. It was also apparently maintained until at least 29 October, 1980, much longer than many of the others here. It also has two engines and one propeller left.

Close-up of the remains of the spotlight this aircraft used to use to hunt Russian subs at night.

152335 S-2G, s30-06-65 VS29/NS-31, VS37/NH715, 07-04-75 MASDC 1S0513 /705, 10-86 stored St Augustine, s1998 St.Augustine.

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